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A colourfull outlook on summer 2020:


                 Scotch R' belle Spring / Summer 2020                                 Scotch Shrunk Spring / Summer 2020


                   Molo Girl Spring / Summer 2020                                            Molo Boy Spring / Summer 2020


             Catimini Newborn Girl Spring / Summer 2020                    Catimini Newborn Boy Spring / Summer 2020


         Catimini Toddler Girl Spring / Summer 2020                              Catimini Toddler Boy Spring / Summer 2020


                 Catimini Girl Spring / Summer 2020                                            Catimini Boy Spring / Summer 2020

                 Oilily Spring / Summer 2020      


                 Jellycat - wonderfull plush Toys                                         Scoot & Ride - from Tricycle to scooter in seconds

                            Winter 2019 / 2020


                Scotch R' Belle - Winter 2019 / 2020                                          Scotch Shrunk - Winter 2019 / 2020

              - the Catimini Shop

For 30 years, we have been running the French design brand Catimini in our Boutique Bambini. It is quite natural that Catimini also takes the lead role in our online shop. Whether for newborns, the lines Catimini Naissance Fille and Catimini Naissance Garçon or for the toddler with Catimini Layette Fille and Catimini Layette Garçon to the girls and boys with Catimini Fille and Catimini Garçon - we are always striving to meet all customer needs around the top Brand from France.


Scotch R 'Belle and Scotch Shrunk - trendy, fancy, cheeky

Poisition 2 on the offer of has now taken the Dutch Brand Scotch. With his fancy girls 'line Scotch R' Belle and the trendy boys collection Scotch Shrunk, the brand offers a unique mix of practical children's and youth fashion and the claim of absolute trendsetter - even top performer in this segment. With ever-new, original and witty designs, Scotch inspires both moms and kids alike. The original details make Scotch R 'Belle and Scotch Shrunk stand out from the mass of the childs brands and make it something special.


Top fashion for kids by IKKS

In our Onlineshop you will also find other brands, which we have been running in our boutique for many years, if not for decades. From the same house as Catimini comes the fresh line IKKS. With IKKS Girl and IKKS Boy we cover many customer wishes again and offer you a rounded assortment of this top fashionable children's fashion brand.


Oilily - the colorful Dutchman

The children's boutique Bambini in Bregenz was one of the first customers of the Dutch who was at that time absolutely freckled in the 80s. Oilily has now become a permanent place in the children's fashion market. Although there was a lot of ups and downs when the brand changed the owner - but now everything is back in the hands of the Olstorn family - and this means that the continuity of the line is secured. As ever, Oilily relies on colorful designs and above all his own print motifs - mostly with typical Dutch themes - that make the brand so distinctive.


Room7 (Room Seven) - the little sister of Oilily.

When the Olstorn family had to sell the Oilily brand (now the brand is again owned by the family), it was obvious for Olstorns daughter that this was not the end of the family tradition as a child-fashion producer; She also created her own models under the name Room7 (or Room Seven). There was no question that the "old and tried-and-tested" oilily style, which had already influenced from mother Marieke, should be incorporated into the Room Seven collections. And so arose a new, yet somehow well-known brand, which became increasingly successful in the market. So successful that she even survived her own end when the family Olstorn "Oilily" bought back. Because it seemed that Room Seven was superfluous; The brand disappeared in the sinking. But the Olstorn family had not expected the reaction of the audience, which - alongside Oilily - also vehemently demanded the continuation of Room7 (especially in the Asian countries, the USA and Australia). And so after a short „Sleeping Beauty Sleep“, Room Seven emerged again at the market and pretended to be dazzling next to Oilily.



Canadians is the Brand of the Italian winter sports supplier AESSE. Canadians have a simple motto: only the best of materials and workmanship is good enough for our children. Therefore, it is almost idle to emphasize that the ski suits and jackets of Candians are almost exclusively 95/5-er-down lined (95% down, 5% feathers). And so the ski suits and jackets of Candians are "feathery" in the truest sense of the word.


View of summer 2017

From the summer of 2017 (first deliveries are expected in December 2016), 3 brands will be added to the assortment of

Kenzo Kids

Jean Paul Gaultier Junior

Stick Fudge



Our brands: Catimini Naissance Fillet, Catimini Naissance Garçon, Catimini Layette Fillet, Catimini Layette Garçon, Catimini Fillet, Catimini Garçon, Cakewalk Minis, CanadiansCakewalk Girls, IKKS Girls IKKS Boys, Strenesse Kids, FIAT 500, Mim-Pi, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Scotch R 'Belle, Scotch Shrunk, Oilily, Room Seven Room, Jottum); Kenzo Kids, Jean Pual Gaultier Junior, Sticky Fudge; Our Online-shop presents since August 2006 top children's fashion brands on the Internet; is a subsidiary of the children's boutique Bambini, Bregenz (founded 1981), bim-bam-bini: the Catimini Onlineshop in the world wide web; Bim-bam-bini: the first German-language Tiffosi Onlineshop on the net. The fact that we are presumably the largest Catimini selection on the Internet is based on a constant comparison of the offers of all well-known onlinershops in the www. Among other things Melijoe, achildscloset, mountine and others. Except of the comparison is of course the Catimini own shop.


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